About us

About us

Round the world and return to the Born

BonPla.cat was born with the intention of creating a community with a large library of plans around the world. We are constantly developing (Rolling Release), so you can find small improvements every day. Two paragraphs below, you can find the achieved and statistical phases.

What can you do?

  • Share places to visit, plans to make that are not already listed.
  • Look for plans around the world, whether they are visits, activities, or experiences.
  • Plan a trip by searching through the area of the map where you will be traveling or are currently traveling.
  • Save the plans you like best to keep them in mind.
  • Mark the plans already made, to know what you have come to do.


Phase 2 (2021): (???) We have new features that we are “cooking” before we start developing. If you think you can contribute new ideas to the website, APP, or to the community itself, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form, twitter, instagram, etc ... ( Contact link )

Phase 1 (2020): One of the great plans that can be made in this life, is to travel. and as such we are collecting as many points and plans to make around the world, so you can plan your trips at ease. That’s why we’ve programmed a map with search, so you can navigate the fly of the world looking for your favorite destinations. ( See map ).

Phase 0: Construction of the portal, and creation of the first list of plans via map and search. Creating the basic user profile.


2020: 31,418 Pages visited, 5491 Unique visits, 120 States.

2019: 6,428 pages visited, 473 unique visits, 34 states.


From BonPla.cat we try to keep the English, Catalan and Spanish versions. If you are missing support in another language, and want to collaborate, do not hesitate to contact us.


For the realization of certain pages of this website, which we have not provided our own content, we are using sources from the large wikipedia project, which provides us with neutral information, and a large number of resources.