Red Bull Hardline

Red Bull Hardline
Hailed as the toughest downhill mountain bike race in the world, the third edition of Red Bull Hardline in association with Jeep, returns to the hills of Mid Wales on September 18, 2016.

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Dan Atherton, the brainchild behind the event, will be picking up his spade to craft a four minute course that will once again push the boundaries of downhill racing. It’s a course set to test even the most progressive riders, featuring giant slab rolls, tight wood sections and gap jumps, including the now infamous road gap feature.

Red Bull Hardline was created to push the progression of our sport. Both myself and Olly Davey have learnt a lot from the last two years and this year we are pushing the progression of the event itself, both for the riders and the fans.

Dan Atherton

Last year’s technically demanding course was mastered by Ruaridh Cunningham, and no doubt they’ll be many riders hungry to take the trophy away from him for 2016.

Watch the action from Red Bull Hardline 2015 in the video above for a taste of what's to come.

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