Tsarskoye Selo

Tsarskoye Selo

Tsarskoye Selo (Russian: Ца́рское Село́, IPA: [ˈtsarskəɪ sʲɪˈlo] (listen), "Tsar's Village") was the town containing a former Russian residence of the imperial family and visiting nobility, located 24 kilometers (15 mi) south from the center of Saint Petersburg. The residence now forms part of the town of Pushkin. Tsarskoye Selo forms one of the World Heritage site Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments.

The town bore the name Tsarskoe Selo until 1918, Detskoe Selo (Russian: Детское Село, lit. 'Children's Village', 1918-1937), then Pushkin (Russian: Пушкин, 1937 onwards).


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