Gorbea or Gorbeia is a mountain and massif, the highest in Biscay and Alava (Basque Country, Spain), with a height of 1,481 m AMSL. The massif covers a wide area between the two provinces. The main mountain is a round grass-covered summit where a 20-metre-tall metallic cross has been constructed to reach the altitude of 1,500 m. Other important mountains of the massif are the Berretín (1,227 m), Lekanda (1,301 m) and Aldamin (1,376 m) limestone peaks.

Part of the massif is delimited North by the high karstic plateau of Itxina, an intrincate landscape of limestone full of shafts and caves such as Supelegor. The Atxular's Eye cave is the only walking access to the plateau. The South is delimited by the Berretín mountain and the lush forests of Zuia.

The entire massif has been enclosed in a natural park of 200 km2 (20,000 ha; 49,000 acres) created by the Basque Government in 1994 to preserve the local flora of beech and oak and fauna of wild boar and deer. The main access points for the mountain are Murgia from Alava and Areatza from Biscay.


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